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First Time Blogging

So I have no idea what I am meant to write in these things as I have never considered blogging before but the wife (to be) explained it as a good way for you to get to know me outside of my photography work! Which I don't understand as shes always complaining I have a camera in my hand so surely that's all I will end up talking about #confused.... Wait can you use hash tags in a blog... Ah well my blog my rules I suppose.

Anyway back to this blogging business. Its my birthday week, well nearly I say it is a the wife is constantly winding me up about getting old. 29 isn't old I know but its scary creeping closer to my 30's! So this website my birthday present (early I know she gets so bloody excited she's useless with surprises) if you don't like it I shall direct all complaints to her hahaha. I am off to the new tree tops net park in Manchester for the day it looks fantastic cannot wait to let my inner child out and have a break from work with my fantastic family! Its shaping up to be a fantastic few months bombarded with weddings, trips to see Phil Collins (beyond excited for this one!) and finally booked myself a holiday well I say myself I am gatecrashing my sister in law (to be) honeymoon haha as you can imagine she is incredibly impressed by this! Not just me but the parent in laws as well! Although how 5 days in the heat with Laurens parents and sisters will go I have no idea!!

Right I have work to do! If I remember (when Lauren pesters me) I will check in. Over and Out


P.s I stole this little man for photographic purposes from my fantastic Barber Ben Long! Cheer mate :)

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