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The groomsmen always ask me "how do you fold a pocket square"

We all know I love to wear a suit!! I dont like the idea or turning up in a shirt and jeans as if im going on a night out. I feel a wedding is more important than that so I like to dress more appropriately plus if I feel smart then I feel confident and being confident makes me better at my job! It Always helps to blend in and makes me look more part of the clients special day!

The best way to fold a pocket square has been thoroughly philosophised for centuries. Mulled over in secret rooms with glasses of whisky and cigars, the correct art of pocket square folding has been entertained by the likes of Leonardo di Caprio, Bradley Cooper and even James Bond. What they came up with is a handful of pocket square folds that have worked as the backbone of some of the most sophisticated fashion ensembles we've ever seen. Now, we've lifted the lid on their covert operation and given you everything; think the stylish, the sophisticated, the avant-garde and the sleek.

Most favourot of mine is the puff fold

The Puff Fold is a winner for bringing dimension into your tailoring! If you want something that will break up the harsh angles of your suit and also let everyone know you’re a stylish kind of guy, the Puff Fold will be your new best friend. It offers a flamboyant puff in the crest of your pocket and we couldn’t think of anything more dapper to polish off your suits. Wear this pocket square style as a way of bringing flair to your otherwise classic formal looks. With this baby in your pocket, you’ll be just one martini away from channelling 007. Cheers!

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