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“God created the beauty, My camera and I are just a witness”

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Thank for your interest and time! If your considering on booking us for your big day or already have booked us to capture your big day then our blog is something that may help you.

This Blog is a project for me and the aim with this is to hopefully help people and at the same time help me. We will talk about all kinds of things that come to mind as a full time wedding photographer.

When shooting weddings, Pre shoots, consultations or even post production I think it would be interesting to blog about everything. Discuss what goes on in the wedding industry and elaborate on mine and my wife thoughts, talk about the future of RW Photography, look at our process from the enitiol point of contact right through to handing over your wedding album. focus on everyday Questions we get asked and such as quantity of photographs, what camera we shoot on, what's best to capture on the big day and the problems that may sometimes occur and how we managed to tackle them!

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