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Not Everyone has your clients best interests.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

As a professional wedding photographer sometimes you must go agains other people’s decisions.. some people may not have the bride and grooms best intentions.. do not forget you have one shot at this so don’t let anything or anyone get in your way.

For example.. a priest told everyone just before the ceremony that no confetti can be done on the church grounds. I normally listen and respect that decision however the only other spot to do this was on a busy small road that had people waiting at bus stops and buses going past. It wasn’t safe and the bride and groom chose that church for a reason!

All day the weather was on and off showers so when the time is right you have to get everyone out, ready and begin!

As soon as we got out the church I get everyone together, lined them up and went for it! I didn’t expect people to get confetti cannons out their bags though haha but the damage was done and I snapped away!

The priest wasn’t happy with me and he make that clear. “He said did you not hear what I said about no confetti”

I said politely “yeah I did yes however this couple have one day, one day they are never going to get back, with the weather and the busy roads plus they chosen the church and ME for a reason!

never let a moment slip though your hands a great the location and lighting is key! …………………….

Example below..

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