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Don’t take your wedding day for granted.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

You have one day and maybe two, three or four yours of planning, preparing and booking your favourite suppliers looking at venues and picking your dress, heels etc so on the day just take in the enjoyment, try to relax and keep doing what ever you want to do as its your day!

When I got married there was some annoying things that happened, my shoes to go with my suit wasn’t in the suit bag as the supplier forgot to put them in. it was a big deal and a lot of planning as I had 10 groomsman and I wanted it to be perfect not just for me but for everyone. I remember having stepping out my car at the venue in my suit and trainers! I was actually crying and in shock all at once! My best man had to go out and buy me some shoes and they couldn’t be just any old shoe HAHA. In the end I did got the expensive pair I wanted originally, my wife seems to think I done that on purpose however that wasn’t the case at all! It all worked out in the end and I wish I didn’t let it bother me as much as it did!

I obviously shoot a lot of weddings and do on average three weddings a week, the things I see and the things that should go right sometimes don’t. I think people need to consider things more: for example.. a bride wanted her fathers reaction of her in the wedding dress, she looked stunning and could see it was a big deal/moment for her.. the father walked in half dressed worried, concerned and didn’t give hhis daughter the reaction she wanted/deserved. So what can you do about this, Step one if your reaction shot worth it? Step two make sure your father or who is seeing you in your dress for the first time is having a good/relaxed morning so don’t give them many jobs to do, step three make sure he/she understands how much that moment means to you. Any important shots, moments like this need thinking about.

Jake & Dulcimer - Bartle Hall 2021

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