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Abbey house wedding fair

I have been crazy busy over the past few months with weddings, editing and catching up with paper work so the blog has been left behind however I thought I would post something that I reflect on a lot and was really important to me personally. 

I went to my very first wedding fair at Abbey house in the lakes and was overwhelmed with how many people turned up and loved my work. I had my own personal banner behind me with my business logo and contact information on. I had my albums open on the table for people to look through and I also had my Mac set up with a slide show. I was and still am shocked with the amount of people that stopped to watched my Work on the screen! 

I wasn’t on my own. My fiancé come with me to give me support and help. Thank god she was with me because at times I had people waiting to talk to me haha! My fiancé lauren is a blessing! She works on the website, online gallery and albums. She also comes with me to weddings from time to time and is a great help! Lauren noticed on the Abbey house website that I had been mentioned. 

I then looked on Abbey house website and Facebook page and seen this.. 

I couldn’t tell you how happy I was! We also got chosen out of 6 other photographers to go on the radio and talk about photography and give people advice. I didn’t have the time but lauren went on air and spoke. We was really surprised because people stopped what they was doing, changed their plans and come to visit us at the venue because people heared that we was in the area! 

Sorry about this essay and thank you for reading! 😬👍

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