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What type of photographer are you after?

My personal advice as a award winning wedding photographer who specialises in making moments happen!

First of all let me start with this question.. "How are you searching for your perfect wedding photographer?"

Social media is another great starting point, looking at their portfolio to get an idea of style and uniqueness is important. A wedding photographs style isn't something that just happens over night, It adapts and changes with the times and with experience.

Check out reviews - Reviews are a massive deal because its so easy for people to remember the bad points and no-one bothers to spend time mentioning all the good points on the day unless you make a great impression.

For example..

Make sure they are not just trying to capture your wedding and see you as a pay day. I come across this all the time in the industry. you see some wedding photographers that at first they try to get you on side, do everything they need to until the day. Choose a photographer that loves what they do, sees every wedding as their first and is so motivated and energetic about speaking with you because 9 times out of 10 that's what they will be like on your big day and it pays off live me!

Some interesting points below

  • All wedding photographers are different

  • We are all individuals and see moments in different ways and its surprising how many photographers let memories/moments slip away so choose wisely

  • You will spend more time with the wedding photographer than the person your marrying on the day so you need to both get on with each-ether.

  • The saying goes "you get what you pay for" in some respects that can be true but I do think you can't but a price on time so make sure you have a photographer that's aware of his surroundings, joins in/blend in, makes people feel instantly relaxed, comfortable and most of all happy!

  • Wedding Photographers only recommend good wedding photographers. People that they feeler worth mentioning.

Are you looking at a photographer or a wedding photographer? because there is a difference. (You wouldn't get a brick layer to do an electrons job) or a clothes designer designs a house.. you would get an artitect.

I get asked to shoot baby cake smash shoots, gender reveals, partys, fashion, corporate events and the list goes on however each and every industry is different, we use different equipment, we live breath weddings and that's what makes us as wedding photographers different.

Photograph of Ella rose - Flower Girl at @abbeyhouse 2022

Lets elaborate with more tips on how to chose your wedding photographer,

Mentioned briefly above

Style – If I want moments captured on my special day then what style is best for me. Do we want a more documentary photography approach. What do I enjoy looking at? is it portraits and more formal pictures then I’d want to go for more of a traditional or posed/staged Photographer.


Reportage style, this is most probably leaning towards documentary but I see this a little different in regards to styling personally. To me I use the style repoerter in regards to directing people when it comes to portraits and individual shots plus most photographs tent do be in black & white.


Natural style, relaxed and very exciting approach. having someone looking for moments with family, laughter, story telling, unobtrusive and friendly. do you want and need to the wedding photographer to be like a guest with a camera.


Do I want a fine art approach Is the photographers work very vibrant and light or dark and moody? Are their colours saturated or faded?

Connection – do I feel a connection with the Photographers I have looked at? They’ll be the person that’s around me and my bridesmaids the most so will the wedding photographer put me at ease, feel relaxed and can I see them getting along with my family and friends?

Massively important that you love their work. However, I think it’s even more important that you love the personality too! Don't just look at the price as its not everything and sometimes that's the bigger problem and you wont be happy either on the day or when you receive your wedding photographs

Consider a photographer that doesn't just focus on the bride and groom but also thinks about the loved ones around you, Unfortunately people are not around for ever and if the photographer understands this and gets this fact then 9 times out of 10 he will pick up on this and use that to its advantage and capture amazing story telling precious moments with loved ones!

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