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Christenings, Wedding Photos and Birthdays

What a mad week/ weekend it has been!!

Where to begin!!

So I decided to let my hair down this weekend, which tends to happen whenever I visit the in laws (to be) I do not know how Lauren and Jenny do it! Honestly never seen a bottle of PIMMs disappear so quick!! Big thanks to Pete for sticking the BBQ on. I felt a little underdressed at first as I rocked up in my jeans and casual t-shirt (not a nice top a casual top) ps what even is a nice top..... Lauren says it all the time.... just wear jeans and a nice top... What? as opposed to all the horrible tops I usually wear hahahaha anyway rocked up in my jeans casual top and trainers and Pete grabbed me and dragged me to ASDA not literally as that would be child abuse... sort of....

Anyway we came back with literally more food than I have ever seen in my life and I entered a blind panic! EVERYONE IS COMING...I didn't say anything Lauren didn't look to glam so waited for her to go and get changed for the huge bbq that was about to take place. About half hour later Pete shouts foods ready, I try to look polite say ill wait for everyone else to get here... only to find no one else was bloody coming! The fat gits had bought all that food for themselves and ate the lot... well I hate most of it haha

So that was Friday, Sunday my little brother birthday 16 years old cannot believe it he's officially left school doing his GCSEs and is now legally allowed to... buy a lottery ticket! Hopefully he will share his fortune with me when he wins!!

Also had the opportunity to photograph a christening, some of the pics you'll be able to find on the webpage, what a beautiful day! I managed to photograph the right baby which is always a bonus and I turned up at the right time so didn't get stuck in the wrong service which is also a bonus!! All in all id say it been pretty successful.

Just got back from delivering some wedding photos to one happy couple luckily they were really pleased so I'm sure some of their photos will also be popping up here soon enough!!

Anyway lots of love

Ryan :)

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